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The Kingdom of the Winds: Yeon
Enjoy The Kingdom of the Winds just like you did way back then, now on mobile!

The people shudder in Gungnae to the east and Buyeo to the south. Shout, let loose the squirrels, wield the wooden sword from your memories, and meet Wolsooki, Tobeol, and the old woman of Seonangdang again in The Kingdom of the Winds: Yeon!

Gensei Suikoden Online
A masterpiece of turn-based RPGs, Gensei Suikoden, reborn on mobile

Look forward to the stories of Ataho the tiger martial artist, Lin Shan the cat martial artist, and Smash the dog swordsman!

Granny’s House
Ready or not, here I come! A horrifying game of hide and seek brimming with thrills

Dorothy wakes up in a strange place. Crumbling buildings, spine-tingling sounds, and crazed maniac Granny chasing after her! Will she ever manage to escape? A thrilling game of hide and seek full of various play modes, 6 different classes, customization.

Grow Stone
A sword? Magic? A bow? No, it’s time for the stone! Throw that stone!

The world’s easiest 2D idle MMORPG! Gather together man’s first weapon, stones, to forge the best weapon of all!

Experience adventures made with charming pixel sprites and chat with others in varied social communities!

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