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Operation Policy

Article 1 (Basic Operation Policy)


A. This Operation Policy is a set of internal regulations to be collectively observed between Supercat Co., Ltd. (“Company”) and users in order to regularly cope with possible contingencies concerning the provision of mobile services (“the Service”).

B. In accordance with this Operation Policy, The company will devote itself to the maintenance of order within the game and the protection of the user right for enjoyable game play by effectively dealing with complaints while strictly regulating any action that may interfere with game play.

C. The company may periodically amend this Operation Policy partly or wholly for the promotion of optimal game play. In such case, the company will post relevant notices on the company website. Users shall periodically check notices lest they incur a problem or disadvantage during Service use.

D. If a user is found to engage in any action not compliant with this Operation Policy, The company may restrict the user’s right to access the company website. The user may ask for reconsideration of such action upon objection.

E. Matters not covered by this Operation Policy will be judged and handled in accordance with law of Republic of Korea and the company terms of service.




Article 2 (Name Policy)


A. As used herein, “names” refers to names selected by users including nicknames or names of characters or guilds used on a site or game.

B. Users may select names freely; however, the company may exercise necessary measures if a name corresponds to one of the following categories in order to maintain an optimal game environment and protect users.
The aforementioned “necessary measures” include game restriction, name alteration, or deletion in accordance with this Operation Policy without notification to the user.
※ Even if the case does not correspond to any of the following, a user may incur service restrictions if a name has a negative impact on the game environment.

a. A name that may be confused or even impersonate the name of a company employee;
b. A name that may devalue a specific country, race, religion, gender, or the impaired;
c. A name that may sound lewd, vulgar, or unpleasant to others;
d. A name that is anti-social or prohibited by law;
e. A name that may infringe on a trademark or intellectual property right;
f. A name judged to be associated with illegal acts such as monetary or account transactions;
g. A name advocating the insulting or slandering of others;
h. A name intended to advertise or promote a specific person, product or business;
i. A name that may be judged to be inappropriate.

C. Users are suggested to report a name corresponding to the foregoing conditions while using the Service in order to protect their right for enjoyable game play. The company may conduct name alterations based on rational, objective judgement.

Article 3 (System Error, Bugs, and Illegal Programs)

A. Users shall not negatively manipulate a system error or bug incurred during game play and are required to report such instances immediately. The act stated in the previous provision will be strictly dealt with, resulting in user restriction without warning, as such acts are considered to disrupt fair game play.

B. The company may put restrictions on users engaging in any of the following acts based on the following Operation Policy:

a. Abusive behavior, such as exploiting program bugs, design flaws, without reporting and informing other users of such abnormal way to play the game;
b. Attempt to gain benefit or disrupt fair game play by manipulating game data or game play time
c. Ill-intentioned development, use, and distribution of hacked or illegal applications;
d. Creating a harmful bug within a game through routing or hacking, using an illegal program, or implanting a cause for potential game error;
e. Creating a harmful bug within a game or implanting a cause for potential game error by manipulating resources within the game without permission;
f. Refilling game cash through unconventional methods such as hacking or illegal payment;

C. Users in violation of the terms above may be subject to more severe punishment for future violations.
※ The company may recollect or reduce paid-for or free goods, experience, or items created or obtained through inappropriate game play.

Article 4 (Users’ Rights and Obligations)

A. The company attempts to provide quality service to the users. However, in order for the company to be able to provide quality service to the users, we request that you abide to a few items as follows.

B. The users must use their own information to link the account and use the game service. When using the service with another person’s information or false information the company is not able to provide any help on this, and you will be excluded from various benefits that the company provides.                

C. The company does not acknowledge sharing, assignment, and cash transaction for items and accounts. For issues that occur from this (fraud, account stealing, etc.) you are not able to receive protection from the company. 

D. The users are not allowed to copy/duplicate/change/translate/publish/broadcast, etc. the information gained from using the company’s service, and are not able to provide this to other users. 

E. The users must not try to interfere with regular work of the operation team through acts including misrepresenting company employee or operation personnel, mediation, hindrance, etc. When disturbing the work of the operation personnel or misrepresenting them, your service use can be limited in accordance with the operation policy. 

F. If the users discover vulnerabilities in the game (bug, account stealing, illegal program) they must report through inquiry or report notice board, etc.         
If the user does not report but rather abuses or delivers this to another personnel, etc. this can be determined as intentional unhealthy act and result in restrictions. 

G. The users can use the customer center to submit inquiries related to the service. 

H. If the users feel that they were unfairly treated or if a problem occurred during the service use process, they can use official channels such as customer center, etc. to inquire and request modification.




Article 5 (Operation standard)


A. The company performs the role required to provide the best environment in which the users can enjoy the game service. 

B. The operation team performs their given role from a neutral position, and does not interfere with disputes between users in principle. However, for acts that violate the operation policy or in cases where normal service operation is considered difficult, they can review the case from a neutral perspective and take necessary measures.

C. The employees and operation team of the company abides by the terms and conditions and this operation policy.

D. In accordance with the Privacy Policy and similar legislation, the company safely handles the user’s personal information. The company, employees, and operation team of the company do not request, modify, or disclose user personal information unless otherwise specified by this operation policy, terms and conditions, and cases defined by the Privacy Policy. However, if there is an official request from the judicial authority, it can be provided to such institutions.

E. The operation team responds to the users’ inquiry and requests as kindly and quickly as possible. However, for details on future updates that are not openly disclosed within the game, or details that cannot be revealed because of the nature of the game, we will provide limited answers, or not provide a response at all. 

F. The company receives all forms of bug and error reports that could occur on the game service from the users, and makes an effort to check and process this.

G. For a user or multiple users that have violated this operation policy, the operation team can apply various restriction measures as defined by the terms and conditions and operation policy. 

H. If an unusual phenomenon occurs inside/outside the game service, the company can temporarily suspend part or the entire service, and restrict access.   

I. In accordance with relevant legislation, terms, and operational policy to establish a healthy game culture, protect teenage users from harmful information, and to prevent violation of rights of specific users such as defamation, etc. 
the operation team can edit, move, or delete user posts without prior notice, and can restrict service use if deemed necessary.

J. If it is determined that there is a violation of terms or policies, or if there is equivalent infringement, the company can perform temporary account suspension for relevant investigations. 

K. For user account protection and game service stabilization, the company can request self-verification if necessary. At this time, if self-verification is not possible, game service use is restricted. 




Article 6 (Inappropriate Behavior)

A. The company forbids the users from abusing system bugs, etc. or sharing such details with other users. In case of bug abuse, this is because it disturbs a normal game progress and use of game contents. 

B. Abusing system bugs is an act that goes against the fairness between users, so if abusing or sharing system bugs or problems the game use can be restricted or terminated without prior notice, so please pay attention.

C. Acts that disturb the public peace and norms can potentially cause huge damages to other users, thus the following acts can result in service use restriction measures.

a. For-profit advertisement or details deemed similar to advertisements                
b. Attempts related to unauthorized cash trading, account trading, trading across servers or if trying to instigate other users              
c. If seriously insulting the company, other user or a third party, or if the contents correspond to defamation and slander                
d. If the contents involve instigating illegal copies or hacking                
e. If the contents are objectively recognized to be connected to a criminal offense                
f. If the contents violate rights such as copyright, etc. of other users or a third party                
g. If spreading false claims or if it can cause misunderstandings for multiple users                
h. If it includes spamming, swearing, vulgar language and expressions                
i. If misrepresenting the operation team and company employees                
j. If it violates the terms or other related laws.                

Article 7 (Service Use Prohibition)

The service use restriction standards are as follows. 

A. The use restriction period and method can be changed under the operation team’s discretion. 

B. Duplicate cases can result in aggravated use restriction. 

C. Even if the act is not included in the types above, use can be restricted under the operation team’s objective discretion.

D. If there is a record of sanction of the highest degree, the restriction goes back to the highest level or the use restriction period can be aggravated.

Article 8 (Recovery standrd)


A. If ‘currency’, ‘item’, ‘character’, etc. are lost or information is changed due to a technical error within the game, it can be recovered within the range in which data can be confirmed. 

B. However, the company is not responsible for damages that occur from user negligence, etc. as in the following examples.

a. If the user has not connected their account to a partner service such as ‘Google’, ‘Facebook’, ‘Apple’, etc. or has lost the continue code information and received damages such as account loss, etc.                
b. If the user made a mistake in using, selling, or crafting an item.                

c. If the user’s play environment resulted in a loss of currency / item / scores such as power / content use count, etc. (network disconnection, game crash due to lack of memory, etc.)  

d. ‘Fraud’ often occurs due to personal negligence, thus when damages occur as a result of fraud However, to prevent additional damages, an investigation can take place to restrict service use in accordance with “operation policy” for accounts where operation policy violation such as fraud, etc. are confirmed    

e. If damages occur from cash transaction and account transaction that are not acknowledged by the company 

f. If the user’s game use is suspended in accordance with terms and conditions / operational policy

g. If a serious problem in the game resulted in the company temporarily suspending or restricting access to part or the entire game

h. Loss caused by the user’s intentions or if there is possibility of system setting violation or abuse within the game 

i. Other cases where the company has no reason of imputation

C. The company supports the recovery only if the problem is recognized to have been caused by reasons attributable to the company.                

D. Recovery request 

a. The user can request recovery through the inquiry on the customer center in the game within ‘7 days’ of the problem occurring.                

b. The request must be directly made through the account where a problem has occurred, with recovery request by another person not approved.                

c. Paid items with expiration dates are recovered based on the request date.

d. The recovery request must abide by the following details, with recovery not possible if the proper process is not followed or if the deadline has passed.      


Article 9 (Personal Information)


A. The users are fully responsible for the accounts they are using.

B. If the user has shared their personal information or account with another person and assigned/sold it through abnormal means, the company does not acknowledge this, and the user is not able to receive any protection for issues that occur from this (fraud, account stealing, etc.).

C. If the users attempt cash/material transaction for items or accounts, service use can be restricted without warning, and users are unable to receive help for issues caused by this.

D. The users must regularly change the password of their account to protect their information from unjust acts such as account stealing, etc.                

E. Fraud often occurs due to personal negligence, and it is difficult to provide help for damages that occur from this. Therefore, please be careful with transaction or moving items so that you don’t receive damages such as misrepresenting an acquaintance by creating a similar character name, fraud using relationships, etc.


Additional Rules

This Operation Policy shall be implemented on Febuary 09, 2022.

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